April 19, 2010

Birthday Post

Apparently, I share this special day - April 19th - as a birthday with Twins superstar catcher Joe Mauer and, one of the biggest Kentucky Wildcat basketball fans out there, Ashley Judd.  In case you forgot, Ashley Judd is also married to race car driver Dario Franchitti.

Franchitti won a rain-shortened Indy 500 in 1997.

It seems, however, that Mauer has received the strangest birthday present.  Earlier this week, he was notified that up to 50 statues of him will be posted around his hometown city of Minneapolis.  As part of a fundraising effort for the team's community fund, you could see up to 50 statues of this...
...around the Twin Cities.  Apparently, each statue will be decorated to represent each one of the team's 50 MLB seasons.  We get it, Minnesota, you love Joe Mauer.

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