January 20, 2010

Who Cares?!!?

I'm holding off copying the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show's "Who Cares Hindenburg" bit because, let's face it...36 people died in that air disaster.  Although I will admit the show is entertaining - if nothing else - and the following post is similar to the aforementioned LNJF bit.

Therefore, instead of being morbid, let's do a weekly sports-related "Who Cares?!!?" poll that will allow us to decide which recent sports-related story is the one we care the absolute least about?  Is it...

1) That top level hockey leagues in Europe have begun to place advertisements on hockey goalie sticks, as seen in this ad-laden photo below of Ari Ahonen, playing in Finland for KalPa (although I'm sure you knew that).

Gloria Steakhouse, getting their money's worth

2) That this week is the start of the 2010 professional cycling season at the Tour Down Under in Australia.  Not only is the race the season debut for Lance Armstrong, but a display of some of cycling's new teams - including Armstrong's Team Radio Shack/Livestrong and the Rupert Murdoch-backed Team Sky.

Team Sky at the front

The TDU is a warm-up race for LA

3) Finally, that former MLB player turned manager of the Dominican league's Licey Tigers Jose Offerman was kicked out of the Dominican league permanently for throwing (but not connecting) a punch at an umpire during a game last weekend.

Offerman, in 2007, using his bat as a weapon in the minor leagues

It's up to you, dedicated reader, to tell me...who cares?

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