November 14, 2009

The Sexiness of the Nike Swoosh...

I have to carry this idea of sexiness over from my earlier post.  Instead, however, of discussing the issue of sex and female basketball players, something else from the photos on the FSU website caught my attention: namely, the prodigious placement of the Nike Swoosh.

In each shot, the basketball is an equal subject to the body.  And, even though these basketballs also feature the FSU logo, it is the Nike Swoosh that is given prominence.  Just another example of Nike's careful image management...which, also happens to marginalize the school in favor of the corporation.

So, is this for us, the ticket-buying populace, or for future student-athletes, this affirmation of FSU's connection to Nike?  That affirmation has made its presence known on FSU football, with the recent launch of the FSU Pro Combat jersey...

With nearly a dozen Nike Swoosh logos on the uniform above, and with the logo invading every part of student-athlete promotion, will we ever reach Nike overkill?  Or is it simply an accepted part of collegiate sport?  Is it inevitable?  It seems so, the words of Horatio Sanz, "it's just too sexy!"

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